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Perry County Angel Tree Christmas Program


October 9, 2018 update:

Facebook public group - Angel Tree 2018 Perry County Ohio now has the online application link for the Angel Tree Registration:

Families can fill this application out online and not need to show up in person to register. The goal is to be moved to all online registration next year.

Stay up to date with the Angel Tree Facebook Group

In Perry County, community members and family-serving agencies, working with children, are invited to be on the team. The team meets monthly but as the holiday draws near, meeting frequency increases. Minutes are kept of each meeting. A key player, in the Perry County program, is "Project Y.O.U." at New Lexington High School. Project Y.O.U. students are involved in multiple community service projects through the year. The students will deliver "trees", loaded with angel wishes (child-specific toy and clothing requests). If a business does not have room for a tree, but wants to participate, it can post the wish angels on a wall. Project Y.O.U. students also help to pick up and distribute the presents.


Each tree's "angels" lists specific toys, clothes, etc. that the family's children want/need. Individuals in the community can select a specific angel. A limit of $50, per child, is set. The limit is set so families will not be disappointed when items beyond what can be handled (e.g., a smart phone) cannot be purchased. Families must complete an application and meet income guidelines (200% of poverty). There is an angel for each child in the family but a spreadsheet, developed by IT instructors at the high school, connects each child's gifts to the family. Each gift must be clearly marked with the child's name and family's number. Each family has a number which corresponds to their requested items.

Some businesses and individuals want to donate money and the team uses that money for families that are not "adopted". Volunteers purchase the items requested by the family with the donated money. Funds received and spent are tracked and project records, regarding funds collected and expenditures, are available for public review.

Gifts are stored in a secure area and several weeks before Christmas, families may pick up the items they requested. A single storage area helps create an easy retrieval process. Gifts are grouped by family number and placed in order by the number assigned. Last year, storage space was donated by the Eagles. Sometimes, volunteers wear Santa hats, elf hats, and antler ears to add to the holiday magic.

Last year, the project served 400 families, but Perry County is hoping even more families can be served in 2018. As Kendra shares "...many parents say this is the only Christmas their children will get, so we feel an obligation do to our best". Although under the umbrella of the FCFC, this project requires a lot of collaboration and many community partners are needed to make the project a success. Although the project continues to grow and evolve, Perry County has been doing this for 25 years! Kendra's email address is:


Donations can be made to the Perry County Angel Tree at the Perry County Bd. Of Developmental Disabilities – (the Community School located at) 5720 State Route 345 NE, New Lexington, OH 43764. The above address is effective Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Any agency or community member who wants to be a part of the 2018 Angel Tree Project is welcome to participate.

All Angel Tree records are audited by the State for the project since it is under the umbrella of Perry County Family & Children First Council (FCFC).

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