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About Perry County Community Action


Perry County Community Action

Hocking * Athens * Perry Community Action

399 Lincoln Park Drive, Suite B
New Lexington, OH 43764

(740) 342-4113 - Phone
(800) 273-1513 - Phone
(740) 342-4516 - Fax

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday



Fair Housing is YOUR Right!

A Fair Housing Consortium has been established to provide services to Hocking, Athens and Perry Counties to prevent discrimination in housing.

Discrimination in the sale, rental, insuring or financing of housing is prohibited by the federal and state fair housing law. HAPCAP strongly believes in your right to fair housing.

The Fair Housing Act, established in 1968, means that you may freely reside in a place without regard to your:

  • Race / Color
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • National Origin
  • Physical or Mental Disability
  • Your Family Status (having children in your family)

Our goal is:

  • To help you with any housing questions
  • To educated you about your rights and responsibilities
  • To help you, should you need to file a fair housing complaint

This is a free service and is offered to everyone.

If you think you have experienced housing discrimination or would like to learn more about your rights and responsibilities, please:

Download our Landlord-Tenant booklet
Fill out our Complaint Form to provide us with more details

For more information about the Fair Housing Consortium please contact:

Hocking.Athens.Perry Fair Housing Consortium
A program of Hocking.Athens.Perry Community Action
3 Cardaras Drive
PO Box 220
Glouster, OH 45732

740-767-4500 or 800-686-1093
740-767-2301 Fax


Perry County Ohio

Carol Middaugh at (740) 342-2045


The Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing
1-800-669-9777/TDD or 1-800-927-9275
Ohio Civil Rights Commission
1-888-278-7101/TTY or 1-614-466-9353